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What is in your GO BAG?

A Go Bag should contain items needed imperative to a 3 day (72 hour) survival period. It should contain items for every disaster situation you could be facing in your immediate area.  

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services

Check Lists

  • Water - Enough for one gallon per day per person. That means a family of 4 would be recommended to have 12 gallons of water stored.

  • Non perishable food items and a manual can opener(keep an eye on expiration dates and change out when needed)

  • Flash lights and batteries

  • Phone chargers and or weather radio

  • Daily Life Sanitation Needs

  • Hand Sanitizer/wipes

  • Soap for hands, body, face and hair

  • Hair Brush/Comb

  • Toothpaste and brush

  • Garbage and freezer size zip lock bags

  • Eyes glasses, hearing aids and batteries, medications (prescribed and NSAID/Tylenol)

  • Breakable heat and cold packs

  • Fully Stocked First Aid Kit

  • Clothing (think layers) & Blankets

  • Fire/Water proof box with important information

  • Infants/Children: bottles, formula, food, blankets, diapers, wipes changes of clothing, favorite toy

  • Pets:  current medical records, Food, Water, Dishes,  Toys, Blankets, Tags, Collar/Harness and Leash, disposable litter trays, litter or paper towels. A travel crate or bag is recommended for each pet

Important Documents to keep in a secure water/fire proof secured box

  • Pet information: current vaccinations, contact information for veterinary office

  • Birth Certificates

  • Social Security Cards

  • Passport

  • Insurance information of house, vehicle, life, etc.

  • List of medications taken daily, dosages and purpose

  • List of known allergies, drug and other

  • Phone list of nearest family

  • Bank account information

  • Credit card information

  • Wills/Advanced Directives

  • Power of Attorney Documents

  • Deeds and titles

  • Tax Records

  • Extra House Key

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