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Cold & Winter Weather




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Everyone living in your household (don't forget your pets) should be included in the preparedness plan. Showing everyone where extra items are kept in case of emergencies. Winter storms can happen abruptly and leave us without power/heat for hours or even days. Having a plan is key to comfort in survival situations .


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Having a plan for what to do if you are stuck at home, in your car or somewhere outside your home is the best way to ensure that all people living in the household feel safe and know what to do in case of an unexpected emergency. Communicate plans efficiently and review them frequently.


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Winter emergencies have serious potential to become very dangerous very quickly. It is important to have a family emergency plan for every season. A detailed plan for winter months is a must when living or visiting in Upper Michigan. 


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NOW! You never know when an emergency situation will strike. It is always better to have a plan in case of emergency - make sure that everyone in your immediate circle is aware of the plan and practice or review your plans regularly.


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Knowing how to make an all inclusive safety plan is the most important step in Emergency Preparedness. Check out the links below for ways to start creating your family emergency plan today.


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A winter emergency preparedness plan should include things like pet safety, vehicle emergency kits, non-perishable foods, batteries, flashlights, water, etc. See links below or ideas on comprehensive emergency preparedness lists.

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